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Specialized tutoring programs for all students.

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Not sure where to turn for recovery supports?

NLC Solutions is a comprehensive remediation and recovery solution for all students. As your students return to in-person learning, make sure that your school is following best-practices and planning intentional supports for students with Special Needs. Our company has all four of the key elements necessary for tutoring success according to the Learning Policy Institute: certified tutors, provide sessions 3 days a week, ongoing support for tutors, and aligning tutoring with your school’s curriculum.

Specialized services for all students.

Our company has been providing virtual tutoring since 2008.

We pride ourselves on providing support to diverse learners which won us a contract with the New Jersey Division of Development Disabilities (DDD).

We provide research-based supports to students with autism, developmental disabilities, and other health impairments such as ADHD. Each tutor will work with school site teachers to review the student’s IEP, learning style, and accommodation needs, and customize their instruction to target both CCSS and IEP goals. This is a unique approach in the tutoring space and will lead to unparalleled student access.

Did you know?

  • Quality tutoring services are one of the most effective intervention strategies?
  • Many states offer compensation for tutoring for students with IEPs/504s?
  • Having qualities tutors is closely linked to student progress?

What we offer:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Staff with state, federal, and CARI background checks
  • Tutors with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree
  • Competitive rates and discount packages

Other Programs

NLC Tutors

Canned “One-Size-Fits” All Curriculum

Customized Integration of Your Curriculum

Only Focuses on CCSS

Focuses on CCSS and IEP/504 Goals

Formatted for Language-Based Learners

Formatted for All Learners

(visual, auditory, kinesthetic)

Ignores UDL Principles of Engagement

Integrates UDL Concepts in Planning, Delivery, and Reflection

Tutors with limited training

Tutors who are trained to work with students with autism, ADHD, and intellectual disabilities

Staffed with interns or teachers-in-training

Staffed with background checked, experienced, and trained tutors

No continued training for tutors

Continued professional development and supervision of tutors

About NLC Support

NLC Support was founded by Jacqueline L Sims, an educator who throughout her teaching career taught various grade levels. During her vast classroom experiences, Jacqueline realized that most students could move from a failing student to super student with just a little bit of extra help. There was never enough time during the school day to provide that extra attention that many students needed. It was during this time that Jacqueline’s passion for teaching outside the classroom was born. Jacqueline wanted to do more. She wanted to change lives, to change destinies. During this time, NLC Support was founded by Jacqueline as a tutoring company and later as a Support Coordination agency for people with developmental disabilities.


NLC Support’s vision is to be THE BEST OF THE BEST tutoring company.


NLC Support tutors helped my son improve his reading and confidence. The tutor was very patient and developed a learning plan that fit my son.


A caring tutor who kept me informed of my daughter's progress. Math is no longer boring to my daughter and her teacher says that she is more focused in math class.

Any questions? Feel free to use the contact form below or email tutoring@nlcsupport.us