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Note: Except where needed underneath the Montreal Convention, Frontier isn’t responsible for the under mentioned items them and your luggage is lost or damaged if you pack.

Note: Except where needed underneath the Montreal Convention, Frontier isn’t responsible for the under mentioned items them and your luggage is lost or damaged if you pack.

Antiques, art, art materials, items, bags made of lightweight product perhaps perhaps not made for delivery, blueprints, publications, business papers, CDs, collectibles, computer gear (including equipment, pc computer computer software and all sorts of add-ons), dentures, DVDs, files, delicate articles or other comparable valuable products and commercial impacts, hand and energy tools, heirlooms, irreplaceable things, precious jewelry, tips, fluids, equipment and their components, manuscripts, medicine, medical gear, cash, musical instruments, normal fur services and products, negotiable papers/instruments, optics, orthodontics, orthotics, paintings/works of art, photographic/video/electronic equipment and add-ons, gold and silver coins or rocks, magazines, examples, securities, silverware, sound reproduction gear, medical supports, toys, and unsuitably safeguarded recreational and sporting equipment.

How about lost Luggage?

It is not at all something you ever expected. With your bag if it happens to you, we want to solve the problem, which means reuniting you.

As soon as reported during the airport, a agent shall create a tracing file and offer updates bgclive for your requirements in connection with status of one’s case. From there, you’re in good hands. All of us shall be attempting to get the case back into you.

To submit information straight regarding the luggage, you’ll fill in our Delayed Baggage kind.

Note: Liability for damage or loss to checked baggage is bound to $3,500 per ticketed passenger for domestic travel.

What’s the liability limit that is international?

For travel governed because of the Warsaw Convention, obligation is restricted to USD 9.07 per lb, or value that is actual whichever is less, for checked luggage and USD $400 per passenger for unchecked luggage.

For travel governed because of the Montreal Convention, liability is restricted to $1,131 Unique Drawing Rights per passenger for examined and baggage that is unchecked.

wemagine if I left items in the air air air plane?

We’re sorry to hear you kept one thing on-board, but we’re here to aid. You are able to fill down our lost and found type.

To find out more, we now have some language that is extensive loss, harm and wait of property contained in our agreement of Carriage.

Smart Bags

Smart Bags Information

Smart Bags transported on Frontier, including both examined and carry-on, will need to have the lithium battery pack taken off the case additionally the battery carried in cabin.

Any Portable Digital Camera (PEDs) ( ag e.g. backpacks, purses, clothes products, etc.) loaded with a lithium battery offered as examined luggage will need to have the lithium battery eliminated ahead of checked-in that is being. The lithium battery pack must be carried on then board as allowed by safety laws.

Uninstalled and/or batteries that are spare continually be carried within the cabin.

Note: Frontier categorizes Smart Bags the same as an extra battery and/or asking device.

Military Personnel

Active Military Personnel Bags

Frontier welcomes U.S. armed forces people onboard and expands the baggage that is following whenever presenting a standard Access Card (CAC) having a uniformed solutions affiliation at check-in:

These luggage waivers use towards the person with active responsibility status and cannot expand to loved ones or traveling companions. All luggage accepted from U.S. armed forces people must conform to luggage acceptance policies regarding size and fat limits. Oversize and baggage that is overweight are waived when it comes to first two free checked bags.

Please be aware: U.S. army people are thought as active responsibility military, reserves, and guard that is national.

*Active armed forces people, susceptible to verification explained when you look at the FAQ, may bring one carry-on case and/or may check always as much as two bags, that might be oversize and/or obese, free of charge. This advantage will not expand to members of the family or other companions that are travelling.

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